6 Hour Wedding

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For brides who love simplicity. One thing all my wedding clients have in common is that they are focused on documenting their connection on their wedding day. The most important part of their wedding day is the person they are standing next to when they say 'I do' and they care more about capturing the groom's reaction when they come down the aisle than the wedding decor. When brides contact me about documenting their wedding day, I always hear that what they love most about my work is the fact that I photograph real moments. And to me, that's the biggest compliment of all. When I work with couples, my goal is to photograph those feelings, the love, that raw connection only they have. There's no way to pose emotion, but I love creating those real moments between people and photographing their connection on their wedding day.

I pour my heart into my work and invest in creating dream portraits for all my clients. I spend countless hours of creating a vision with my clients in mind to create a session that aligns my style and passions with something they will completely fall in love with.

Before booking me as your wedding photographer, I'd love to talk to you personally. You can fill out the contact form on the home page to reach me and tell me a little bit about yourself, as well as what type of wedding you have planned. Once I have that information we can go over the vision and find out how to create something beautiful that lines up with your wedding day. Each wedding is unique because of the couples I work with. So before you book your session, send me a message and let's chat some more about your wedding day!

My clients receive a beautiful, online gallery to download all their images. With the amount of time, I put into creating something beautiful I want my clients to walk away from their experience with everything they love. My clients never have to pick or choose which images they get. Once I get done shooting a session, I go through the images and choose everything I love. After hand editing each photograph, those images get added into the final gallery for my clients to keep forever. I love including as much as possible in each gallery, so my clients get as many beautiful memories to keep from their wedding day as possible. You'll get to view the gallery online and instantly download the entire gallery. These photos are treasures for my clients, and I want them to have these keepsake moments documented forever.

I take a very limited amount of sessions & weddings on each year because I want to create something special for each of my clients and spend a lot of time styling each session to ensure each session I create for my clients is perfect for them. It’s important for me to have enough time to invest into each of my clients. If you’d like to book with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Once the contact form is filled out, you’ll head back from me within a few short days with availability information, and I’ll be able to answer any additional questions you might have.